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Dino Walk Simulator

开发 Alpaca Space Lab

Race against dinosaurs or friends in this local 1 - 4 player multi-player physics game.--New in version 1.060!Cardboard VR Viewer Support! Ride along with dinosaurs as they race (CPU mode only).6 new dinosaurs! Gigantoraptor, Dakotaraptor, Albertosaurus, Iguanodon, Mamenchisaurus, Leinkupal, and Ankylosaurus!1 new location: Ocean Cliffs!--New in version 1.051!Zombie Dinosaur Mode! Play the game during October 29th to 31st or double-tap on the DinoWalkSim logo in the About screen for zombie madness!More Dinosaurs!Carnotaurus, Suchomimus ancestor to the Spinosaurus, Pachycephalosaurus a relative to the Drakorex, Coelophysis from the Triassic and some metallic chrome Virtual Dinosaurs to show how the physics workMore Levels!Race downstream in the Jungle RiverMore Retro!Turn the anti-aliasing setting to the left and relive the CRT TV days--New in version 1.04!More dinosaurs!The small Drakorex, huge African Spinosaurus and the Korean Tarbosaurus. Some non-dinosaurs aswell: 4 wheel jeep, and a Dimetrodon!More Levels!Thunderous Volcano, Swamps on Venus, and a submerged post-apocalyptic city--New in version 1.03!The Sauropod update! Seven new dinosaurs added including a Stegosaur relative, the Kentrosaurus, the popular duckbilled Parasaurolophus, gigantic Titanosaurus and more!--DINOSAURDino Walk Sim features 34 dinosaurs and animals from the Triassic, Jurassic, and Cretaceous periods!WALKRace against other dinosaurs or grab some friends and huddle around your phone or tablet for lots of silly dinosaur fun. Featuring 10 racing locations!
SIMULATORFeaturing advanced physics simulations for extremely in-accurate and silly dinosaur walking movement.
RETRO GRAPHICSEnjoy an authentic early real-time 3D graphics look reminiscent of 1st generation '90s era 3D game consoles.
MORE TO COMELook out for future updates with more dinosaurs, locations and features!